3 Ways to Improve both Wellness and Well-being

You've probably heard the words "wellness" and "well-being" a lot over the last year.

Two words that look similar and are commonly used interchangeably, but are they actually the same thing?

Let's compare these two seemingly alike words and determine what we can do to improve our overall health by focusing on our wellness and well-being.

What is Wellness?

According to Merriam-Webster, "wellness" is defined as "the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal."

The focus of wellness is centered around the choices you make to achieve an active lifestyle in which you are physically able to do the things you desire; this includes your physical health and the lack of illness. It's often what people view as being "healthy."

But being healthy is much more than the lack of illness or disease...

And that is where "well-being" comes in.

What is Well-being?

Merriam-Webster defines "well-being" as "the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous."

Unlike wellness, which mainly focuses on physical health, well-being takes into account how satisfied a person is as a whole, both body and mind. It's centered around the belief that physical, emotional, and spiritual health all play important roles in your overall health, happiness, and satisfaction.

For this reason, well-being may look different for everyone. What makes one person happy and fulfilled in life isn't necessarily what makes another person feel happy and fulfilled. For one person, healthy personal relationships may have a larger impact on their well-being, whereas a thriving career may be more important to the well-being of another person.

How can I Improve My State Of Wellness & Well-being?

While the concepts of wellness and well-being are not the same, they certainly go hand in hand. Luckily, there are several ways to improve your state of wellness and well-being at the same time!

1. Exercise

"Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health", claims the CDC. Studies show that exercise benefits your physical and mental health. It has been proven to help:

  • Control weight
  • Boost energy
  • Promote better sleep
  • Prevent anxiety and depression
  • Lower risk of stroke, high pressure, Type II Diabetes, and some cancers

2. Rest

While easy to overlook in a world of constant hustle, rest is crucial for an overall healthy body and mind. Lack of sleep over an extended period weakens the strength of your immune system and increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, among other physical health concerns.

Lack of sleep also increases your risk of developing or worsening mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. While the optimal amount of sleep is dependent on your age, adults should generally focus on seven to eight hours of quality sleep per night.

3. CBD

According to this 2018 study, the #1 use for CBD is chronic pain, followed shortly behind by anxiety and sleep disorders. It should come as no surprise that all three of these issues affect both your wellness and overall well-being. But for many of us, making the necessary lifestyle changes is easier said than done.

A more active lifestyle may be hard for those of us that struggle with chronic pain or even recovery from a workout. Rest may be difficult for those of us that struggle with anxiety.

How can I Improve My State Of Wellness & Well-being?

For pain issues, our USDA Certified Organic CBD Salve is quickly absorbed through the skin. This makes it fast and easy to pinpoint the exact location of your discomfort. A small amount is all you need to reap the benefits of reduced pain, which may be just the boost you need to get more active.

Finding it hard to catch those quality Zzzzzzz's?

Our Melatonin CBD Oil Softgels may be the answer you've been searching for. One softgel 30-60 minutes before bed can help promote the healthy sleep cycle that is crucial for your wellness and well-being.

Having trouble deciding if CBD is right for you? We're here to help! Schedule a free virtual consultation to speak with a specialist about how CBD can help you achieve total wellness and well-being.

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