Are You Choosing Sleep Over Sex?

Have you been choosing sleep over sex? Isolation over intimacy? Stress over spontaneity? Well, you’re not alone. Research shows that our sleep cycles tend to get more dysfunctional as we age, which can lead to negative effects like a decreased sex drive. Heck, even the head of the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Women’s Health knows that “if you put a platter of sleep and a platter of sex in front of a tired woman, she’ll pick sleep every time.”

As women, we are tasked with so many responsibilities. We run ourselves ragged working long hours, only to come home and take care of our homes, our families and, eventually, our parents. And in the end, we’re left with very little time and energy to care for ourselves. It’s a vicious cycle. 

We’ve been there. We too have felt too tired, too busy, too stressed to give the proper focus to those who needed us. The truth is: when you’re not thriving emotionally and physically, your loved ones won’t thrive either. But you don’t have to let stress and poor sleep keep you from fully being there for those you love.

CBD for Women - Self Care - Thryv Organics

Be aware that you need self care.

Self care is crucial for your mental and physical health. By taking time for yourself and addressing that overwhelm and restlessness, you can be more present for your partner during sex, more patient with your kids and more available for the tribe of women that are your friends. That’s where Thryv Organics CBD comes in.

We created Thryv Organics with you in mind. So with the help of our CBD products for sleep, you can finally get the rest and relaxation you deserve. When you take our CBD Softgels with Melatonin & CBN, you can experience better sleep, less nighttime brain chatter and a sense of calm as you wind down from your day. Our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Drops can also help quiet your mind each night, promote better sleep and help you feel more energized when you wake up. With better sleep, you can approach the day feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to be there for the ones who need you.

CBD to improve sleep

Let us help you thryv.

At Thryv Organics, we help women like you take control of their emotional and physical health so they can take better care of those they love. Do you want to start feeling better? Start feeling heard? Start feeling empowered to take control of your wellbeing? Then let’s chat.

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