CBD Drinks: What are they and how do they work?

In honor of National Hydration Day, we’re breaking down your questions regarding CBD drinks.

You’ve probably noticed CBD beverages on the shelves or while scrolling the web, but what's the deal with these new infused drinks?

Do they work?

If so, where should you be buying them? 

What are CBD Drinks?

CBD drinks are (usually non-alcoholic) beverages that contain the legal amount of cannabidiol. Brands serve everything from CBD tea and coffee to flavored club soda and powders you can add to your cocktails at home. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most bioavailable compounds in the hemp plant. Unlike its sibling, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD will not get you high or alter your consciousness.

CBD is known for providing mild relief to discomforts such as anxiety, joint pain, headaches, and even some seizures. Because it affects the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, many people claim CBD helps regulate the body and mind back to homeostasis (a state of balance). 

These drinks are a fun and accessible way for anyone to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Do CBD-infused drinks work?

Short answer: it depends. Many effective CBD products are administered orally through some type of oil or fatty substance since most cannabidiol is fat-soluble.

This poses a slight issue when trying to create (or consume) CBD through a beverage like tea, flavored water, or alcohol. Many brands have been scrutinized for selling "rip-off" products that don't work. 

One growing solution is something called nanoemulsions. According to a study by the US National Institute of Health, nanoemulsions are "manufactured for improving the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients". It’s a process that helps combine tiny water and oil particles so they can be better absorbed by the body. This makes CBD more bioavailable in liquids. 

What types of CBD Drinks are available?

You can find just about any type of CBD drink if you look hard enough. Some of the most popular types of CBD-infused drinks include:

  • Sparkling water
  • Iced teas
  • Cold and hot coffee blends
  • Soda
  • All-natural juice
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Flavored powders and drops you can add to your water 
  • Smoothies
  • CBD-recovery drinks

How to choose a CBD-drink

Dosage is also something to consider when looking for a quality CBD drink that actually works. 

Some CBD drinks contain low amounts of oil-based CBD that may provide a mild calming effect. 

Others have a higher percentage of CBD extract that can help with focus or energy. Look for brands that produce beverages that offer the effects you’re looking to experience. 

Another way to find a trustworthy CBD beverage brand is to browse websites and look for how they add CBD into their drinks. Read reviews online and talk to people who have tried these drinks for themselves. 

Here are some key things to keep in mind when looking for a new CBD drink:

  • Does the brand show where they source their CBD from?
  • How many milligrams of CBD are in each serving? 
  • Are the other ingredients in the drink reliable? 
  • Does the website make its third-party lab testing results available?

Where to buy CBD drinks

Whether you’re looking to wind down or to clear your mind for better focus, there’s likely a quality CBD drink made just for you. Many online retailers have CBD-infused beverages you can order and have shipped straight to your home.

Here are some of our favorite CBD-infused drinks:

Sträva Craft Coffee

 Strava Craft Coffee is a CBD drink recommended by Thryv Organics

(Photo by Sträva Craft Coffee)

Offering K-cup, Nespresso pods, whole bean, and grounded options — Sträva Craft Coffee aims to deliver premium CBD-coffee beverages.

Why we like Sträva Craft Coffee: They are transparent about their ingredients. Their lineup is crafted with organically grown hemp and specialty-grade coffee beans.


Oleo CBD Drink Mix is recommended by Thryv Organics CBD in Dallas, Texas

(Photo provided by Oleo)

Another popular brand, Oleo, brings the modern CBD drink mix to consumers in a way that’s convenient and tasty. You can add the individual serving-sized packets into any drink of your choice. 

Why we like Oleo: With on-the-go options, Oleo makes it easy to get your CBD fix from anywhere. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so trying one of their tasty bevs is really a no-brainer.

Buddha CBD Tea is recommended by Thryv Organics 

(Photo provided by Buddha Teas)

If you’re a tea lover, you’ll want to try out Buddha Tea’s line of water-soluble CBD teas. With six different flavor combinations to choose from, their hot tea lineup takes herbal infusions to a new level. 

Why we like Buddha Teas: They use 100% organic herbs. Even better, their lab reports are available for download, so you can ensure you're getting a high-quality CBD-infused tea.


Recess CBD Sparkling water is recommended by Thryv Organics

(Photo provided by Recess)

A popular brand for sparkling water, Recess carries both canned and powder CBD beverages. Their traditional Recess line boasts unique sparkling waters infused with hemp extract and adaptogens which promote balance and overall clarity.

Recess Mood is their premium line of sparkling water infused with magnesium, which provides a mood-lifting flavor burst that helps calm your mind and body.

Why we like Recess: Their products are naturally flavored and triple-tested— so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase one of their CBD-infused drink mixes.

Are CBD Drinks Right For You?

CBD drinks are a refreshing way to stay hydrated while reaping the long list of benefits this cannabinoid offers.

If drinks aren’t your style, there are heaps of other CBD products that may fit your lifestyle better. From tinctures to gummies and organic salves, Thryv offers premium organic CBD products you can trust. Are you Thryving yet?


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