Surviving the Anxiety of the Holidays

The holiday season is stressful and often anxiety-inducing. Conditions such as social anxiety and depression can be exasperated, and those with preexisting conditions are often more prone to struggle. But there are potential treatment options when needed. CBD can be a viable alternative to expensive and potentially addictive prescription medications to help those suffering from anxiety. Not only survive the holiday but genuinely enjoy and thrive during a time meant for enjoyment.

CBD and its Effect on Anxiety

Among the most common reasons people take CBD regularly is anxiety, a fast-growing health concern across the US. While there are many anti-anxiety medications available on the market, you may not be eager to try them due to concerns around the various side effects, cost concerns and insurance coverage challenges, and addiction potential.

On the flip side, CBD products have shown few side effects, pose no risk for addiction, and are cost-effective in the face of insurance concerns. Studies on CBD and its full spectrum of benefits show promising results in managing stress and anxiety using CBD.

Here's one study that focused on measuring the effects of CBD on social anxiety. The study participants took CBD before participating in a public speaking exercise. Researchers also gave a placebo to the control group. The study concluded that there were significantly fewer signs of anxiety amongst the group who took CBD. Even better was the apparent lack of cognitive impairments and other side effects among CBD users.

How CBD Works

Even though researchers continue to understand CBD and its full effects on the human body, enough is known to draw certain conclusions on how it helps reduce feelings of anxiety. What studies have relieved is that CBD can alter serotonin signals. When serotonin levels are low in the human body, anxiety, and depression are heightened.

You might be on or know someone with depression that takes prescription medication. These medications can come with some unwanted side effects and a hefty price tag. Research has found that using CBD causes serotonin levels to build up, and anxiety levels are reduced. While not a cure for anxiety, many view CBD as a viable option to treat anxiety. Always consult your medical care provider before introducing any new medications or supplements into your daily regimen.

The holiday season is here, and with it comes plenty of time spent with family and friends, end of the year obligations, shopping against a deadline. All of this on top of Covid. As festive as this time of year can be, the work involved can leave many feeling a sense of dread as the anxiety builds under all the stress. You may find yourself needing help dealing with anxiety during the holidays. Turning to CBD's natural health and wellness powers can help stop worrying about the stress of it all and get back to enjoying the season.

If you aren't sure where to start on your CBD journey, the Thryv Organics Sample set is an excellent way to dip your toe in the CBD water. We offer virtual consultations where we help you find the right product and answer all of your CBD questions.

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