Baby (Boomer) It’s Cold Outside: The New Supplement That May Help With Joint Pain

Are you a baby boomer who's suffering from joint pain? If so, chances are you've taken some form of pain medication. But popping pills isn't the only way to get rid of your aches and get back on your feet. Pain pills might not even be the safest option, as they can bring on adverse side effects (just read the label on your prescription or over-the-counter bottle).

Many doctors say using CBD may be safer for you than taking traditional pharmaceutical drugs! We're not talking about the pot of your childhood; CBD can now be isolated to create some serious pain-relieving medicine that will not get you "high" or make you feel any psychoactive effects whatsoever. Yes, you can relieve joint pain and still feel clear-headed.

Mikhail Kogan, M.D., medical director of the George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine, told AARP that he has prescribed CBD for his patients. AARP writes that Kogan said cannabinoids are "safer than Tylenol or caffeine by tenfold. If you compare them to opiates, they're about 10,000 times safer." Kogan recommended to AARP that one consumes CBD by placing a few drops of oil under the tongue.

Using CBD can be an effective form of medication to treat arthritis. Consider a study from 2005 that assessed the efficacy of cannabis-based medicine (CBM) in the treatment of pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers wrote, "In comparison with placebo, the CBM produced statistically significant improvements in pain on movement, pain at rest, quality of sleep, DAS28 and the SF-MPQ pain at present component."

The winter seems to send chilling pain that isn't just annoying but also can force one to either slowdown or find a fast pain-relieving solution. Some Boomers turn to pain pills, but some doctors recommend a different route of CBD instead. Many Baby Boomers are currently turning to the more natural method of pain relief, and we think you'll find success by switching, too.

Thryv Organics is here to help answer any questions you may have about finding relief from your joint pain using CBD Oil. Please schedule a free CBD consultation with one of our CBD experts if you have questions about any of our products or getting started.

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