Why Organic Matters When Buying CBD


Buying Organic CBD

Today, conscious consumers know to buy organic fruits and vegetables, opting for the freshest, most natural food products while avoiding those with conventional additives and preservatives. Now that Americans are aware of the dangers of growing food with GMOs and pesticides, we've seen grocers increase their organic produce selection. Most stores even have their own line of organic packaged foods. So, if we care so much about how we grow our food, shouldn't we care about the method for growing our CBD hemp, too?

At Thryv Organics, organic matters when choosing CBD hemp products. Hemp grown with organic farming practices is better for your body and our planet. Non-organic plants can contain harmful ingredients like glyphosate, an herbicide that has been linked to reproductive and other health problems. That's just one ingredient; there are so many more used in conventional farming that experts recommend we avoid.

Our hemp plants are grown in dense patterns, which help to reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides. From the seed to the plant to the bottle to your body, Thryv Organics provides one of the most potent and best hemp CBD products available for purchase today. When shopping for CBD products, make sure the hemp, as well as the carrier oils and other ingredients, fall under organic farming practices. Each product should have a third-party lab report showing the level of consistency, color, potency, and other components of the CBD product you are purchasing. Lab reports for each and every product should list any pesticides found in each batch of hemp extract. Should the company you are buying from not be able to produce a third-party lab report for you, do not purchase from that company.

When buying hemp CBD, purchase products from a company that sources its hemp in the United States. In America, permission from the state must be given to grow hemp plants. This allows for farming practices to be tracked. In countries such as China, the world's number one exporter of hemp, toxins, and contaminants may be found due to the lack of strict farming rules and regulations the United States has in place. Yes, the product may be less expensive to purchase, but quality and your safety are potentially being compromised.

Consumer demand for more transparency in the American food system has led to companies creating more organic food products. We should apply this same thinking to growing CBD hemp. Support natural farming methods as much as possible. Demand that companies cultivate healthy plants that are free of GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides. We do for our products.

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