Women Who Thryv: Susan Fairchild

Susan Fairchild, is super-mom extraordinaire and founder of Fairly Fancy, where she designs and creates custom jewelry and accessories. Just as awesome as her jewelry, Susan embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of a Woman Who Thryvs and is an integral part of our community here in Dallas.

We are thrilled to introduce her to you and let her explain more about how she started Fairly Fancy (in the middle of a pandemic) and how she uses Thryv Organics CBD to help her thrive through her busy mom and business owner life.

Tell us about your business, Fairly Fancy.

I founded Fairly Fancy, where I design and create jewelry, in the summer of 2020. After a summer vacation, I started making mask lanyards where we lost several masks, and I quickly realized we needed a better mask solution before school started. I made a few mask lanyards for our kids and didn’t think much of it until I posted some stories on my personal Instagram where they happened to be wearing their lanyards. I was surprised at the number of DMs I got from friends asking, “what are those mask holder thingies, and where did you get them?” I thought, “Is this a thing? Would people buy them?” In an uncharacteristic move, I had a quick conversation with my husband and decided on a whim to put myself out there and start an Instagram account to see what happens! I never would’ve dreamed Fairly Fancy would take off like it did, with over 100 orders in my first week. I have since added bracelets and earrings to my shop, with other accessories coming soon! I am having a blast playing with designs and colors to create unique pieces.

Tell us about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

In 2011, I left a career in sales after we had our oldest daughter to become a full-time mom. We've now had two more children; our three kids are now 9, 8, and 5. Over the years, I became involved in the Lake Highlands community. I began getting involved in our community through the Lake Highlands Early Childhood PTA, where I served on the events committee. I am a member of the Lake Highlands Junior Women's League, where I have served as the Light Up the Highlands Chairman, President-Elect, President, Parliamentarian, and Sustainer Liaison. I serve with our church, Lake Highlands United Methodist Church), in the youth program and have participated in the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) program. Our children attend Scofield Christian School, where I serve on the PTF board, have been a room mom, and up next, PTF President beginning in June 2021.

I've always had an itch to craft and create, channeling that into all sorts of things throughout the years, from sewing to painting.

I might be alone in this sentiment, but I'm grateful for COVID giving us all a chance to slow down. It gave us more time as a family and my husband the flexibility to be working from home. Without his support and the time he put in with me behind the scenes, I never would've had the opportunity to stretch my creativity and launch Fairly Fancy! Things went from zero to 100, and my family has been very flexible in figuring this all out with me.

What have been your biggest challenges along the way?

Learning to manage my time to where I can grow my business while still being the mom I want to be. That, plus taxes and technology. What I wouldn’t give to go back and take a few more business or computer classes in college. 😆

What Thryv product(s) do you use and when do you take your CBD?

I use Thryv's CBD Bath Bombs when life is feeling extra crazy, the Everyday Formula CBD Softgels at night before bed, and I keep the CBD salve in my purse for sporadic use.

What has your experience with CBD been like?

Life-changing...haha...but really. Life is fast-paced; add in 3 kids, work, activities, homework, then COVID on top of everything, and things can easily feel stressful or overwhelming! Thryv CBD helps give me calm and peace throughout the day to stay focused and get things accomplished. I've recommended the bath bombs and soft gels to so many friends to help reduce feelings of stress, especially this past year as COVID had everyone on high alert.

I remember the night before the initial stay-at-home orders in March 2020. I was running around the house in an absolute panic washing or spraying down everything, searching for all our cleaning products and sanitizer, adding all the medical supplies to my cart on Amazon, just an absolute wreck. While searching for supplies in my bathroom cabinets, I found the Thryv CBD Bath Bombs I'd purchased but not used yet. I thought, "I need to try one of these immediately." I emerged from the tub a new person. Calm, collected, ready to think logically about COVID. I'll never be without CBD after that experience!

How has CBD helped you?

Stressors of everyday life don’t feel as overwhelming as they used to. Before I started using CBD, I had trouble sleeping through the night, which goes back 10+ years. Since taking the Everyday CBD Softgels, I’m getting restful sleep every night. It’s invaluable to have that sleep and energy when trying to run a business and a household.

Any advice you can share with fellow female entrepreneurs?

My advice would be - go for it!!

You have a unique skill or product that only you can offer; put it out there for everyone to enjoy!

There’s never a perfect time or a perfect plan. Believe in yourself and allow yourself the opportunity to try. I also think finding a support network is invaluable, whether that’s your friends, family, or strangers!

There are so many moms out there just within Lake Highlands hustling and making it happen in their own creative way. I’ve loved getting to know their businesses as we all grow and support each other. I have found the Lake Highlands community, in particular, to be incredibly supportive of small businesses. There are amazing connections to be made and companies to discover out there.

I’m having so much fun showing my kids a different side of me. They see the hard work and the rewards of this new venture. If nothing else comes from Fairly Fancy, all I can hope is that it gives my children the courage that they might need in the future to put themselves out there and give their own special talents a chance.

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