MY STORY: It all starts with my mom. In 2001, she suddenly and unexpectedly became ill. I brought her into my home and began taking care of her. It took doctors a while to determine what was wrong with her, but eventually, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

So, our long journey of illness and the hamster wheel of using traditional medicine to treat an incurable disease began. For 15 years, I researched alternative methods to the muscle relaxers, spasm blockers, and pain meds my mother was on.

Five different drugs, all interacting, did nothing to help the pain but did knock her out. She was so drugged she couldn't hold her head up or have a conversation It was heartbreaking.

Almost at my wit's end, I was introduced to hemp-based CBD. I was willing to try almost anything. We started with the salve and a few drops of CBD oil. It began to work. I was amazed.

Today, my mother's pain is under control. She is now off ALL of her pain medications!! My mother's multiple sclerosis changed our lives, and while CBD will never take her multiple sclerosis away, it does make her pain more manageable with a natural product. And my job as her caregiver is less stressful.

When the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 passed, I knew I could help others suffering from minor ailments to more severe and painful diseases. So the idea of starting a Premium CBD brand was born.

I am proud to say that since opening our East Dallas store and e-commerce site in 2020, we have helped thousands of people feel better, and Thryv!