4 Tips for A Successful Dry January

Are you planning to participate in Dry January? The sober challenge has become a popular wellness trend over the last few years – and with good reason! There are many health benefits to Dry January, including:

  • A mood boost – trying out new self care practices can have positive impacts on your mental and physical health.
  • Better sleep – alcohol can disrupt your sleep cycles, so when you’re sober, you’ll experience more restful and restorative sleep.
  • Brighter skin – without the dehydrating effects of alcohol in your system, your skin won’t appear as dull and dry.
  • Increased energy – you’ll feel more energized and clear headed when you’re not dealing with a hangover or sugar crash from those $15 cocktails.

Refraining from alcohol can be a great way to start the year with a clear mind and build healthy habits that you can continue throughout the year. So if you’re ready to prioritize your wellness, read our top tips to make the most of your Dry January journey.

Tips for Dry January

Make a plan and stick to it.

Building a new routine is never easy. To help make that transition easier, try writing out a plan with realistic goals for yourself. Whether you reduce the number of drinks per week or simply cut back on those post-work happy hours, starting out with small, attainable milestones will help you stay on track and stick to your goals in the long run. Be sure to write your goals down too – it can serve as a physical reminder of your intentions.

Tips for Dry January

Build a support network to help you stay on track. 

Taking on a Dry January challenge alone can be empowering, but it can also be helpful to have a friend, family member or partner join you. They can be your support system and sounding board through the tough times, and they’ll be there to celebrate your wins too! If you do decide to do the challenge solo, it can be beneficial to share your goals with friends and family to hold yourself accountable and stay on track with your plan.

Tips for Dry January

Find an alternative to your nightly glass of wine.

Everyone has their own winddown ritual at night, that transition from “work hustle” to “pure relaxation”. For most people, that means hitting a post-work happy hour with friends or drinking a glass of wine while catching up on Netflix. But there are other, alcohol-free ways to help you relax at the end of the day. Enter: the mocktail. Mocktails are a great way to help you experience relaxation, minus the hangover or sugar crash. We love brands like Sunwink or Fauxmosa for fun & flavorful alternatives to your favorite cocktails, like Moscow mules or margaritas. Pro tip: add a few drops of our flavored Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Drops to your favorite mocktail recipe to help calm your mind and support your overall wellness.

Tips for Dry January

Add some physical activity to your daily routine.

If mocktails still leave you craving an alcoholic drink (hey, it happens), look for a different activity to help you relax. Exercise can be a great option, as it helps lower elevated heart rates, anxiety and cortisol levels (aka your body’s main stress hormone). So instead of meeting up for your drinks, try going for a walk together or joining a hot yoga class to reconnect with your loved ones without the temptation of drinking.

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