5 Ways to Show Yourself Love

It’s February, aka the season of love. So this month, we want to help you achieve the greatest love of all: self love. Self love is all about treating yourself with kindness & respect and being mindful of how you think and feel about yourself. But many of us struggle to achieve real self love because of our inner critic and negative self image. So today, we are sharing five ways you can show yourself compassion today and start on the path to self love & acceptance.

Self Care - Speak kindly to yourself

Speak kindly to yourself.

 We’re starting with what is perhaps the hardest step to take: speaking kindly to yourself. Nothing positive ever comes from self-criticism; you can’t just berate yourself to “betterness”. So it’s time to tame that voice in your head that constantly points out your shortcomings. Speak to yourself with the same kindness and grace that you would show someone you love and treasure. It may take time, but with daily practice, you can neutralize that negative self-talk.

Focus on something positive. 

If you had to name something that you love about yourself, what would it be? Maybe you’re a great cook or an attentive friend. Maybe you handled a stressful work situation well. Or maybe you just finished every task on your to-do list. No matter what it is, flood your brain with any thoughts that make you proud of the person you are. You deserve to celebrate yourself!

Self Celebration - Thryv Organics

Show yourself forgiveness.

 We all make mistakes; we’re only human, after all. So it’s time to let go of the mistakes and failures that are holding you back. Forgiving yourself isn’t excusing the mistakes you’ve made, but it frees you up to do better next time. Any time you’ve let yourself down, gone against your better judgment, failed at what you wanted to achieve - just let it go. Forgive yourself and strive to do better next time. Repeat this again and again. 

Set realistic expectations.

Yes, having goals for yourself is a good thing. But if you have unrealistic and unattainable expectations for yourself, then you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Don’t create another reason to beat yourself up. Instead, set your goals in high but achievable increments. As you accomplish each goal, you’ll gain the confidence to reach higher and make more ambitious goals for yourself over time. 

Self Care healthy habits  -Thryv Organics Premium CBD

Make time for healthy habits.

 Self care and self love are practices that you must commit to every single day. So embrace healthy habits that nourish your mind, body and soul. That can include skincare, oral hygiene care, moving your body, eating foods that nourish you, meditating and anything else that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. And remember that prioritizing your self care is never a selfish act.

At Thryv Organics, we know that self love practices and healthy habits are essential for your mind and body wellness. We want to help you take care of yourself because you deserve to thrive. If you need support with your self care plans, explore our CBD wellness products or book a consultation call to see how Thryv Organics products can help you.

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