Women Who Thryv: Leslie Bumpas of Redeeming Wellness

Our diet impacts every bodily system and function that we have. But with our busy lifestyles, it’s easy to throw healthy habits out the window. That’s where Leslie Bumpas comes in. Leslie is the founder of Redeeming Wellness, a functional nutritional therapy practice that aims to help women feel their best from the inside out. Through holistic health and nutrition plans (and a little support from our CBD products), she helps her clients start on the journey to true wellness.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Leslie in this month’s edition of Women Who Thryv. Read on to learn more about her story and how she uses Thryv Organics CBD with her clients, loved ones and her everyday life.

Leslie Bumpas Redeeming Wellness with Thryv Organics

Tell us about your business.

I’ve been practicing as a functional nutritional therapy practitioner since 2013. With my practice Redeeming Wellness, I strive to create personalized plans for vibrant health and wellness. I’m trained in health-building strategies that include drug-free, all natural protocols that support the body’s innate ability to be in balance. I identify healing opportunities for my clients through bio-individual labs, functional evaluations and clinical assessments.

Building a better, strong foundation begins from the inside out, so I look at genetics, food preferences, lifestyle, mindset and more to help my clients achieve their ideal outcomes. I believe every woman deserves limitless vitality and the opportunity to age with confidence, strength and grace.

Tell us about yourself and your holistic wellness journey.

I was a science nerd, and I knew I wanted to be a doctor. But as life marched on, I ended up with a fabulous career in technology and marketing. After my children left the nest, I considered returning to medical school. But due to the influence of a few brilliant practitioners, my eyes were opened to alternative ways of healing. I founded the Nutritional Therapy Association and graduated as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2013.

Food had never been important to me, and I was raised on the standard American diet. But watching my beautiful warrior mother battle Parkinson’s, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease opened my eyes to the impact diet can have on our health. Small changes in food and lifestyle can make huge improvements in how we feel.

Leslie Bumpas Redeeming Wellness

What have been your biggest challenges along the way?

My biggest challenge has been learning to delegate out the tasks that don’t interest me and take time away from my clients, like bookkeeping and social media. I just love learning, and there is so much out there. 

What prompted you to try CBD?

While my degree is in biology, my emphasis at the time was horticulture. I believe God gave us plants for food and for healing. It’s amazing to discover how many cannabinoid receptors there are in the body. My studies in cancer remission and recovery exposed me to the many ways CBD can help manage pain, reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

Leslie Bumpas Redeeming Wellness Thryv Organics

What Thryv product(s) do you use and when do you take your CBD?

Well, my puppies have car anxiety, so we love the CBD chews for dogs. I personally use the CBD oil drops for focus in the office, and the CBD oil salve is a true balm for the spirit and muscles. And I LOVE the CBD bath bombs! They take a therapeutic bath to a whole new level. I take the oil drops mid-day, and I use the salve at night on the back of my neck.

How has CBD improved your everyday life?

I love that CBD offers a natural, non-pharmacological solution for any age and any situation. I especially love sharing CBD with my clients who are battling and recovering from cancer.

Leslie Bumpas Redeeming Wellness Thryv Organics Dallas

Tell us about your daily routine and how it sets you up for success.

I drink 12 ounces of clean water before my feet hit the ground. I make sure to start my day with lots of spine stretching, then I have 4 ounces of my signature Lemon Liver Flush drinks with added minerals, collagen and herbs. I carry that back to my bedroom sanctuary. I then grab my bible and my daily devotional for some quiet time and prayer. I have a combination calendar/journal that I make my entries in and pray over my day. Last year, I incorporated a habit tracker for keeping up with prayer, exercise, infrared sauna and affirmations for my husband. That all sets the tone for the day. I also try to get 10 minutes of early sunlight in my eyes. This resets my circadian rhythm for super sleep. After getting dressed, I incorporate an essential oil routine that I have practiced for almost 10 years now. Only then do I start reading emails.

Any advice you can share with fellow female entrepreneurs?

I hesitated to start a new career later in life, but there is no deadline for dreams. Follow your dreams and show up every day. Be consistent.


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