There is no doubt that the year 2020 has shed light on the importance of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This year has reminded us why we started Thryv Organics: to be an agent of wellness, to be available to our clients in their time of need, and to make our CBD affordable and accessible to those that want to incorporate it into their daily routine.

As we share our Thryv Organics' 2020 CBD Gift Guide with you, we recommit to our mission and hope that you will share the gift of CBD wellness with your family and friends this holiday season.

Stay faithful to your health. Be well and Thryv.

Gift for the On-the-go & Active

Our must-have items for our active and on-the-go clients is our CBD Salve Stick. No matter the time of day, the convenience it brings for post-workout recovery, mid-day soreness, or the arthritis pain that doesn't slow you down, our CBD Salve Stick will help you function better than your best. It is travel-sized for your soreness support on-the-go.

People love this product for its effectiveness and convenience, also like Thryv Organics CBD Gummies to help take the edge off the stress of everyday life and relax.

Gift for the Every Day Stressed

Give the gift of calm to those in your life that might be having trouble managing the stress of their day-to-day. Thryv Organics’ Everyday Formula CBD Softgel capsules are formulated to help manage the stressors of the day. Taking this product in the morning will help give their day a jumpstart on the focus and clarity they seek and help promote a balanced body and mind.

People that love this product also love Thryv Organics' CBD Oil Drops. The softgels take a bit longer to kick in but last longer in your system. The CBD tincture drops are faster acting but leave your body sooner. Pair them together for internal balance and tackle the stress of the day from the inside and out.

Gift for the Zoom Mom

Whether working from home with kids in the room or having kids at home learning virtually, life looks different for moms these days. With work on Zoom and kids to manage, self-care has been put on the back burner for these mommas. Treat them to Thryv Organics' CBD Oil Drops. These fast-acting tinctures will help her keep her cool and reduce the noise in her brain. If you don't know where to start, try the 900mg strength in the flavor of her choice.

Those that love Thryv Organics CBD Oil Drops also love our CBD Bath Bombs. They also give the gift of peace and quiet as they slip away to the bathtub for a relaxing and refreshing CBD bath.

The Best Gift for Pets

Don't forget that pets benefit from CBD the same way humans do. Our Thryv Organics' Pet CBD Oil Drops are great for bringing the puppy and kitten back into your canine and feline friends. Giving them CBD daily on their food or in their favorite treat will make them love you even more and bring peace to their day.

The dogs taking our Pet CBD Drops also love our CBD Dog Chews. You'll be the dog's best friend with these tasty beef-flavored treats. Want both products? Try our Happy Hound Bundle and save 10%.

Pet CBD Oil Drops - Thryv Organics

Gift for the Person that has Everything

We know how hard 'those people' can be to shop for, and we have the perfect gift for them. Our NEW Thryv Organics' Sampler with CBD Carrying Pouch is an excellent gift that will allow them to experience our different CBD products. It's also a great starter kit for those wanting to try CBD but doesn’t know where to start.

A gift card to Thryv Organics is a nice gift for those that have everything. Make sure to let them know about our complimentary CBD consultation with the owners of Thryv Organics, Kristi and Stacie (because people that have everything appreciate service like that).

We hope you enjoy our 2020 Thryv Organics CBD Gift Guide. Our complimentary in-store and virtual consultations are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. should you need help choosing the best gifts of 2020.

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