Introducing Thryv Organics' USDA Certified Organic CBD

When we started Thryv Organics, we knew we wanted to bring you products that were exemplary in quality. Our standards were and remain high because we want to be a CBD brand you can trust.

In this continually evolving industry, we have managed to stay on top of the advancements in extraction techniques and reformulations. We are proud to be one of the first companies in the United States to not only offer USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum (.3% THC) CBD products but to also offer USDA Certified Organic Broad Spectrum CBD products.

On November 1, 2020, we received the badge of honor. All of our CBD Oil Drops and jarred salves will now be USDA Certified Organic.

In December 2020, we introduced you to the first of our USDA Certified Organic CBD line, our Full Spectrum (.3% THC) USDA Certified Organic CBD Drops in Fresh Lime. That's right - new elite product and new fresh flavor.

Today, just days before the one-year anniversary of Thryv Organics, we are excited to introduce you to our Broad Spectrum USDA Certified Organic CBD Salves and Broad Spectrum USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil products.

The Journey to USDA Certified Organic CBD Status

USDA Certified Organic Hemp

We both have our own individual stories of how CBD has affected our lives and the lives of the people we love. When the Farm Bill passed in 2018, we knew it was time to help others in their CBD journey with our own line of high-quality CBD products. We began sourcing companies that fulfilled our high standards of providing organically farmed hemp, free of pesticides, heavy metals, and microbials. We found sourcing USDA Certified Organic Broad Spectrum products was next to impossible.

Obtaining organic certification by the USDA for broad spectrum products is difficult because each process along the way from farming to extraction to winterization, to each ingredient added to the product must be USDA Certified Organic.

Full spectrum certified organic CBD products were more accessible to source because the THC removal process wasn't necessary like it was, and is, for broad spectrum products. It was challenging to find a USDA Certified Organic CBD supplier that could meet our standards. This is part of the reason why we introduced our full spectrum line before our certified organic broad spectrum line.  

Gaining USDA Certification for CBD

Our industry-leading partners have crafted some of the finest USDA Certified Organic Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD, and we are proud to include them in our newest line of products. Our new line's only difference is that the hemp extract in our CBD oil is now USDA certified organic. You will continue to have the same great flavors, the same organic carrier oils, organic essential oils, and organic beeswax, with the added quality and safety assurance of our USDA Certified Organic badge of honor.


Were your products not always organic?

Since the very beginning of Thryv Organics, we’ve only worked with farmers who employ organic farming practices. What this means is that our products have always been pesticide, heavy metal, and microbial free. Our carrier oils, essential oils, and beeswax have always been certified organic.

Are the non-USDA certified organic products contaminated?

No. Since we began, Thryv Organics has always maintained its commitment to providing the best products we can find. Our products have never contained pesticides, microbials, or heavy metals.

USDA certification is a rigorous and expensive process. We’ve now completed this process. Our goal is to offer USDA Certified Organic products exclusively. We will roll them out as they become available.

We invite you to review our third-party lab reports for each product to confirm our product quality by scanning the QR code on the label of the product you have purchased. You will be taken to the product page where the lab reports are linked.

Will the new formula change the taste of Thryv Organics' products?

We flavor our products with certified organic carrier and essential oils. These components of our formula remain the same. We are excited to introduce you to our new flavor, Fresh Lime, for our Full Spectrum (.3% THC) products.

Our CBD Oil Drops may always have a slight undertone of earthiness because they are, well, a product from the Earth. Organic hemp naturally has more terpenes, which can minimally alter the flavor, but knowing that nature is working on your side brings satisfaction in quality and taste.

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