CBD for Menopause: How to Ease Your Symptoms During “The Change"

It’s happened. Hot flashes as you’re trying to put on your makeup each morning, and night sweats that defeat any fancy “cooling” pajamas you’ve purchased. Inflammation in places you didn’t realize could be inflamed. One minute you’re happy, the next minute you just want to be left alone.  During menopause your hormones begin to rebel. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels start to decrease, leaving you feeling like you’re in a never-ending PMS story. 

I mean think about it! It’s like Superwoman experiencing kryptonite 24/7. So, how can CBD help? Who’s trying it? What cannabis products can help ease “the change”?


CBD for Menopause


The North American Menopause Society reported that nearly 30 percent of women use cannabis for menopause symptoms.  That’s nearly three-in-ten women using cannabis products to reduce symptoms, such as whole-body inflammation, manage brain chemistry changes, and combat fatigue.  

So why are women turning to CBD? The plant is powerful!  In all seriousness, it is!  Whether you’re in the perimenopause, menopause or postmenopausal phase, CBD can help you reduce your symptoms.  How? 

Changes in brain chemistry trigger hot flashes, night sweats, and even vaginal dryness.  CBD has antidepressant effects which can help bring balance to your brain chemistry, lessening those embarrassing symptoms, and here’s an added bonus - it can also boost your body’s serotonin levels.  You see, the decrease in estrogen impacts your serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain, which help with regulating your mood.  

Alright, so, what about sleep? CBD is a natural sleeping aide.  It helps lower your anxiety levels so you can reach REM sleep. In addition, since it works to help calm you mind, bring balance to your moods, and cool your body temperature – pun intended! All wrapped into one, this is what adds to a good night’s sleep.    


CBD for Menopause | Thryv Organics Melatonin CBD Softgels


Are you experiencing whole-body inflammation? Check out topicals or softgels to help relieve your aches and pains.  Your skin has cannabinoid receptors and oil salves might just do the trick to relieve your tenderness.  


CBD for Menopause | Thryv Organics CBD Salve


Maybe you’re the boss lady, and no matter how fatigued you are, you still need to keep your business thriving.  Maybe you’re a mom, and no matter how many mood swings you face you still need to keep that positive attitude to support your kids.  Maybe you’re a wife, and after years of having amazing sex with your husband, your sex drive suddenly fades. Or maybe, you’re all three. 

Well, we get it!  You’re preaching to the choir, sister!  We are working women, moms, wives, and dog and cat moms too!  And, I might add, we’re in our prime!  So, give us a call.  We’re here to help.  

The world expects you to power through, and not change during “the change”.  Let us be a part of your community to help you move through it.   

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