Who We Are: Meet Kristi and Stacie

Many people have asked why Kristi and Stacie started a wellness brand together and what it’s actually like to start a business with your best friend. But truthfully, starting Thryv Organics was a no-brainer for them. It’s the result of their true love & passion for CBD and helping women thrive both mentally and physically. Just like you, Kristi and Stacie are health-conscious women, caretakers, wives and pet owners who want to make the most informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. They started Thryv Organics to help people and those they care for find daily relief through CBD. But their relationship with CBD is a very personal one.

Thryv Organics CBD Founders Dallas Women Owned

Our Story

For Stacie, CBD changed her life. Her mother was diagnosed with MS many years ago and suffered from debilitating pain. She was prescribed a multitude of pain medications, but none of them truly eased her pain or improved her quality of life. Stacie’s mother was miserable -- until she tried CBD. Stacie discovered CBD soft gels (the same ones we carry now), and once her mother incorporated them into her daily routine, her pain became much more manageable. She even started to feel more like herself than she had in years.

Stacie was inspired and knew that she wanted to help others find relief from their own daily pains, stress and anxiety. Her dear friend Kristi needed no convincing; she had already been giving her dogs CBD for years and was very passionate about the benefits it could provide for both humans and their furry friends. So in January 2020, they partnered up to start a CBD brand of our own: Thryv Organics. Together, Kristi and Stacie help women and their loved ones improve their overall wellbeing and finally thrive. 

Thryv Organics Female Founders Women Owned CBD

Want to learn more about Thryv Organics and our founders? We’re always available to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. So let’s chat!

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