Introducing The Alex Bundle

Get ready to Thryv with the Alex Bundle.

Whether you’re a CBD newbie or a seasoned user, there’s never a bad time to try new CBD products. And no one knows that better than our friend Alex Snodgrass, aka The Defined Dish! That’s why we’ve created an exciting new CBD bundle to help you try her favorite products with ease: The Alex Bundle.

Featuring our Salve Stick, Lemon Oil Drops and Bath Bombs (Alex’s favorite Thryv Organics items), The Alex Bundle will take your wellness routine to the next level. It’s the easiest way to try out new products or elevate your usual CBD routine without breaking the bank. Let’s take a closer look at the soothing products included in this bundle!

Alex The Defined Dish Thryv Organics CBD

CBD Oil Salve Stick

Looking for quick, targeted relief? Our CBD Oil Salve Stick has your back. It’s soothing, compact, easy to use and loaded with therapeutic hemp extract. 

Our CBD salve stick contains broad-spectrum hemp extract and skin-soothing ingredients, such as shea butter, sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil and rosemary extract. With 250 mg of CBD per stick, you can expect relief from your most stubborn aches and pains when using this product.

The pocket-sized salve is perfect for anyone seeking relief on the go. Take this travel companion with you wherever you go to relieve sore muscles, joint pain and any other discomfort you may experience. To use, apply directly to the area that needs relief. Rub on your sore muscles, achy joints or even temples for relief from headaches. 

Alex The Defined Dish Thryv Organics

Lemon CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil drops are an important part of any CBD wellness routine. Just drop some under your tongue, wait about 90 seconds, and swallow. Relief will follow!

Our Lemon CBD Oil Drops are a favorite of Alex’s and are key for finding balance and all-body wellness. They’re the perfect product to find a sense of calm, lull you to sleep, or just support your overall health. 

Made from USDA-Certified Organic hemp grown in Colorado, our CBD oil drops are both vegan and gluten-free. Drop some on a regular basis to support your mental well-being and whole-body wellness. 

Our lemon CBD drops are fresh but not overpowering, making them perfect for daily use directly under the tongue or dropped into your favorite refreshing recipes

Alex The Defined Dish Thryv Organics CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs

The ultimate experience in relaxation and luxury awaits with our soothing CBD bath bombs. Our premium bath bombs are infused with aromatic lavender oil and 25 mg of CBD for an unforgettable at-home spa experience. 

With no synthetic scents and top-quality ingredients, you may find it hard to go back to regular baths. The THC-free CBD bath bombs pack will pamper you, soothe your skin, and promote relaxation with each fizz. 

Comfort your mind and body with our premium CBD bath bombs included in The Alex Bundle. They may help relieve stress, pain, and promote a stress-free headspace. With four to each pack, you’ll be able to treat yourself again and again! To use, just fill your bath with water and drop in a single CBD bath bomb. Let it dissolve and hop in whenever you need a good night’s sleep or a relaxing break from the outside world. 


Alex The Defined Dish Thryv Organics CBD

Boost Your Wellness Routine

If you’re struggling with daily aches & pains and want to improve your overall wellness, you’re not alone. The Alex Bundle is designed to help you find relief and explore different CBD products with ease. Whether you’re looking to stock up on CBD products or give the gift of wellness to a loved one, Thryv Organics is here for you.

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