What CBD Strength is Right for Me?

Are you confused about the difference in CBD Oil strengths, and what is the right CBD strength to take for you?

There is a flood of options not just in brand, but in strength and type of CBD, and the labels can be confusing.

With so many descriptors, what do all of the numbers on the labels mean? We understand there is a lot of information to take in about CBD, so here's some helpful information for understanding the differences in CBD oil tincture strengths.

Thryv Organics' CBD Product Labels

When reading our popular CBD tincture oils labels, we offer three differences in CBD strength: 450mg, 900mg, and 1350mg. This mg number will be found on the front of your Thryv Organics CBD Oil Drops tincture bottle label. Each tincture bottle contains one fluid ounce (30 milliliters) of high-quality, organic, hemp-derived CBD tincture oil.

The amount in milligrams (mg) on the front label is how much CBD is in the entire bottle. Each of our CBD tincture bottles comes with a dropper for choosing the serving size. The dropper is marked with four different measuring amounts: .25 mL, .50 mL, .75 mL, and 1.00 mL.

If a bottle is 30 milliliters (mL), total, and there is 900mg of CBD in the bottle, then each full dropper (1ml) will yield 30mg of CBD.

How much CBD is in the bottle:


How much CBD in 1 mL dropper:


CBD strength is a matter of concentration. The higher the mg strength you choose, the less you should have to use; therefore, your product will last longer.

How do I know what CBD strength is best for me?

CBD is a newer product to the wellness market, and a baseline or recommended dosage has yet to be established for those taking CBD. Keep in mind, too, that each individual responds differently based on their own needs and their body's endocannabinoid system. How each person responds to CBD is determined by how their endocannabinoid system functions and how the individual processes this holistic wellness product.

At Thryv Organics, we always say, "Start low and go slow" to allow you to realize your body's needs and how it will respond to adding CBD to your wellness regimen. We will never push for you to buy more than what you may want or need, but determining early in your CBD journey what strength is right for you is essential to find the most benefit from the products you choose to take. Through one of our phone or virtual product consultations (we also offer them in our CBD store in Dallas), we can help you determine the best product for you and guide you to a strength that may be the best fit for you.  

Everyone is different, and some people find success with only 10mg of CBD per day, while others may consume up to 100mg of CBD oil each day to feel the results they're seeking.

Often, the lower levels, like our 450mg CBD Oil Drops, are just what someone is looking for to help handle their daily functions, minor joint discomfort, or life stressors. They find that just a bit of CBD is what they need to help get them through their day. Also, those that are typically sensitive to medications use 450mg as their starting strength.

Those taking our 900mg level, a higher potency of CBD, may be dealing with deeper issues, looking for rest, mental clarity, or a sense of calm.

Our highest potency tincture is our 2250mg CBD Oil Drops and is used by our seasoned CBD customers or those who feel they need more of a CBD punch.

Will I get high from a higher strength CBD?

No. Regardless of the amount of CBD in a product, CBD will not make you high.

Passionate about Natural Wellness

No matter which CBD strength you choose, know that you're getting a safe, high-quality CBD when you purchase from Thryv Organics. We are passionate about natural wellness and the potential that has been studied with CBD. We have put that passion into every Thryv Organics product we carry and believe in the power of CBD.

Should you have questions on where to begin, please contact us, or schedule a virtual or phone consultation.

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