What Does THC Free Mean?

With over 110 different compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant, talking about CBD can get confusing...fast. The two most commonly referred to compounds are CBD and THC, and CBD can contain THC, or it can be THC-free.

See? Confusing.

Let's break it down, so it's simple to understand and answer the question...

What Does THC Free Mean?

In the CBD industry, THC-free means there are no "quantifiable” or "detectable" levels of THC. It does not mean there is absolutely 100% zero THC.

CBD products that are listed as THC-free are called broad-spectrum products. These products have been washed of THC during the extraction process, and they will not get you high.

Full-spectrum products contain THC up to the legal level of .3%, and just like broad-spectrum, it will not get you high, but THC may show up on a drug test.

CBD in any form will not get you high. There isn't enough THC (the compound that has psychoactive effects) in the products.

How to determine if CBD has THC

To measure CBD’s quality and the compounds within them, lab tests are performed to distinguish and quantify each CBD hemp extract batch. This is where amounts of THC are measured.

Reputable CBD companies should readily provide third-party lab results, called a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), for their online CBD products or in-store CBD products they carry. When you are looking for the amount of THC on a lab report for a specific product, it is essential to look at the following on the lab report:

1) Limit of Detection (LOD): The LOD shows the other components like additional cannabinoids, minerals, terpenes, pesticides, etc. in the sample being testing. It shows the lowest concentration of each element that can be detected from the selection being measured. In this case, THC.

2) Limit of Quantitation (LOQ): This is the lowest level that can be accurately quantitated (or counted) for each compound that's reported.

With any CBD product you purchase, it is important to dig into the Certificate of Analysis to look at the THC LoQ. If it says "N/D" or "Non-Detect" rather than a number, there are no quantifiable amounts of THC in the product.

What does THC-free mean at Thryv Organics?

We use proprietary technology to remove all unwanted compounds, including plant pigments, chlorophyll, wax, and trace amounts of THC.

Once these unwanted compounds are removed, the extract is then washed to remove even the most minute traces of THC.

This is one of the most critical steps in our extraction process to produce a high-quality, THC-free CBD product. On our broad-spectrum lab reports, you will find no detectable amounts of THC in the products.

We've done the work for you

The transparency that CBD companies show by providing third-party lab reports for their products doesn't stop there. The third-party lab providing the CoAs should be a qualified laboratory that measures their results based on the quality of their testing equipment, their lab expertise, and their tests' accuracy.

The comfort you can find with Thryv Organics is that we have done the work for you. The time we have taken in our research of the labs performing the testing analysis on our products is immeasurable. We have qualified the lab, their equipment, their technicians, and the various ways they analyze our products to ensure our customers are getting the purest CBD product available.

From seed to shelf, we guarantee our products are the highest quality available to help you achieve the results you seek using CBD.

No shortcuts

Your head may feel like it's going to explode with information and comparing all of the options, but it's crucial not to take shortcuts. Taking the time to do your research on the CBD product you purchase will ease your mind when you know you're taking a high-quality CBD hemp extract that fulfills the qualities of the highest standards of CBD possible.

And, if you still have questions on what CBD product is best for you, speak to a CBD expert.

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