Women Who Thryv: Rhonda Sweet

Let us introduce you to chef and our friend, Rhonda Sweet, who knows what it's like to push to pursue her passion. The push hasn't always been easy, but following in her family's entrepreneurial spirit has always been a dream!

We're excited to share with you a quick look into what Rhonda has to say about her life as a female entrepreneur and her self-care routine with CBD and how she leverages it as a natural approach to wellbeing.

Take it away, Rhonda!

Q: Tell us about your business.

A. I own & operate a catering company, SweetMoses Brands. Our mission is to reconnect people to the experience of gathering around the table, making entertaining a joy and not a chore. To promote whole living and healthy choices, we specialize in healthy comfort cuisine reminiscent of our grandmother's cooking, but with a modern twist. We cater to bring your culinary vision to life.

Q: Tell us about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

A. As a little girl, I knew that I wanted to have my own business, not knowing what that would be. I come from a family of multi-generational entrepreneurs from concrete contractors, real estate investors, florists, to landscape company owners. It's kind of in my blood. I left my corporate restaurant career after 18 years to pursue my purpose and passion in life. Well, that's what I wrote in my resignation letter. I have enjoyed the freedom that being a business owner has allotted me. I am able to serve several non-profit organizations that are near and dear to my heart. I have definitely experienced many ups and downs, but I wouldn't change a thing!

Q: What have been your biggest challenges along the way?

A. Juggling the many shoes I have to slip into on any given day! A chef and caterer one minute, community conduit, wife, mother, grandmother, caregiver, daughter, ok you get it?

Q: What Thryv product(s) do you use, and when do you take your CBD?

A. I am currently using Thryv Organics 900mg CBD Oil Drops for inflammation, joint & lower back pain. I take 1/2 dropper once or twice a day under my tongue. The first product I purchased and still use is the CBD Oil Salve. I apply it a couple of times a day on my lower back and thumb/wrist area as needed. I also take the CBD gummies occasionally. I'll take a couple of them during the day for anxiety or at night to relax me to sleep.

Q: What has your experience with Thryv’s CBD products been like?

A. I love them. I like the natural approach to using the products. I suffer from sciatic nerve & lower back pain and all the other aches that come along with aging and top that with a little anxiety at times. Before CBD oil drops & salve, I was going through ibuprofen like mints. Which, of course, was not good for my body and tearing up my stomach.

Q: How has CBD helped you?

A. I am trying hard to be intentional about what I put in my body. Thryv CBD products allow me to treat what's going on with me and feel safe about what I am taking.

Q: Any advice you can share with fellow female entrepreneurs?

A. Enjoy The Journey!

About Rhonda Sweet:

Rhonda Sweet is a Dallas-based expert food entrepreneur and owner of SweetMoses Brands. She is a comfort food curator specializing in unique culinary experiences around the table for corporate and private events. You may recognize her from season two of MASTERCHEF.

Selling both her signature dishes and handpicked specialty products, SweetMoses Brands hosts pop-up food events, provides personal chef services, and catering experiences that will leave guests wanting more. Rhonda also combines her ability to entertain and inspire with cooking classes and demonstrations.

Follow Rhonda on:

Instagram: @chefrsweet

Facebook: facebook.com/SweetMosesBrands

Visit Rhonda's website: http://www.sweetmosesbrands.com/

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Love Rhonda and the goodness she brings into the world. Her speaking to these products is powerful encouragement.

Nancy Hart January 10, 2021

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