Women Who Thryv: Bianca Rochelle

Bianca Rochelle is our obvious first choice for Women Who Thryv as we begin 2021. She is the perfect example of creating a holistic approach to wellness. We love Bianca’s story of how she identified the feeling of being programmed to fit into something she was not and how she transformed to overcome.

Here is more of Bianca's story and how she incorporates CBD into her life and yoga practice.

Q: Tell us about your business.

A: Yoga by Bianca is a health and wellness company that focuses on building a community of living a healthy lifestyle. I strive to provide services that encourage healing, eating cleaner foods, exercising, and much more!


Q: Tell us about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

A: The rebirth of my journey began at a point where I was at my lowest regarding health, and I needed a complete internal makeover after being programmed to fit or become something, rather than someone that I wasn't. I knew I needed to make changes because I was so stressed, overworked, and way overweight.

From that point on, I was on a mission to transform my mind, body, and spirit through the discovery of yoga. I set goals to become consistent, eat healthier, and work on internal challenges such as impatience, becoming more disciplined, changing my environment, and praying to listen for the right direction.

As I worked on myself, I also began building my business to identify the areas that made the most sense for growth, and that's when Yoga by Bianca started to shift.


Q: What has been your biggest challenge along the way?

A: The biggest challenge I have faced thus far is continuing to be creative in an ever-changing industry amid a pandemic.


Q: What Thryv product(s) do you use, and when do you take your CBD?

A: I use the CBD Salve and gummies for aches and inflammation the most. They're super easy to take and apply, and I love them!


Q: What has been your experience with Thryv's CBD products been like?

A: When you have two herniated discs, a bulging disc, and a pinched nerve, you begin a trial and error process to start the healing journey. So far, I see CBD as helpful in assisting with recovery from inflammation after intense workouts or assisting with healing from injuries.


Q: How has CBD helped you?

A: I found that CBD is a natural way to relax my muscles so that I can be physically prepared for teaching classes, giving massages, or having speaking engagements without having to worry about the nasty side effects that big pharma medicines have.


Q: Any advice you can share with fellow female entrepreneurs?

A: Yes! I encourage female entrepreneurs to connect and develop a team that truly believes and supports the mission and purpose your company has to offer the community. Do your best to impact change in our future into a place that displays healthy habits from eating to the places you allow your feet to walk into and people you surround yourself with. Entrepreneurship is constant work, and it's definitely for a certain level of determination, which channels a very high level of focus and commitment. I'm always excited to chat with or answer questions, so please feel free to connect with me on Instagram @goodenergybee.


About Bianca Rochelle:

Bianca Rochelle is a Dallas-based yoga therapist and owner of Yoga by Bianca. You can find Bianca teaching classes around Dallas at various studios and offering private group and one-on-one yoga and massage sessions to her clients. If Bianca wasn't cool enough, she is also a veteran of the U.S. Army.

Make sure to follow Bianca on Instagram for more information on where around Dallas you can find her and inspirational messages of encouragement.

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