Questions to Ask Yourself to Help Create a Holistic Approach to Wellness in 2021

If 2020 was good for anything, it forced us all to slow down while we learned to navigate our new normal. A new normal of working from home, seeing less of friends and family, virtual learning with kids, and anxiety and uncertainty. It was also a time for self-reflection to check in with ourselves and identify areas to create a better wellness routine or jump on the latest wellness trend bandwagon.

As we ease into 2021 with 2020 in our rearview mirror, ask yourself how you can make this the year to incorporate a holistic approach to wellness in your life.

Take some time, about 20 or 30 minutes, to answer the following three questions about yourself when creating a holistic approach to wellness routine for 2021. Make this year your best year yet! And, if you’re reading this article in the middle of the year, great! These questions are good to ask yourself any time and are an excellent way to check-in with yourself throughout the year.

Question 1:
Where do I ideally want to be with my wellness routine?

Ideal wellness stems from a desire to feel a certain way. We accomplish this by defining specific goals and then following our desire to attain them. Only one person can tell you what you want (Hint: It’s you), and more than likely, you think about what you want often. Your desires for ideal wellness could be better sleep, incorporating more exercise, having less discomfort after strenuous workouts, reading more, including an old or new hobby – the list could go on and on. Bottom line – you know what you want, and it’s time to define that. 

Spend a few minutes identifying your desires and then revisit them to prioritize the order you feel is most important to incorporate a holistic approach to wellness. This list is now your goal list of what YOU want for YOU.

Question 2:
What are some things I can eliminate from my life that may cause me not to be consistent in a wellness routine?

Keeping up with the Jones’, sleeping in, working too much, staying on social media for hours on end – all of this (and more) can cause a lack of focus and distract you from setting aside time to be consistent in a wellness routine. What you choose to bring into your life, whether people, things, or daily tasks, might be causing you to feel a sense of comparison, unrest, tension, or unnecessary stress. While our Calm Collection of products will help with some of this, it’s time to write down the things that are zapping your energy and causing you to lose focus on time for you creating and following through with a holistic approach to wellness in your life.

Spend another chunk of your 20 to 30 minutes writing down areas or people pulling you away from you or causing you not to be consistent with a wellness routine.

Question 3:
Am I making progress in my wellness routine? If not, why?

Life tends to get in the way. Even with the best intentions of staying on track with a wellness routine, it is easy to quickly get off course. Give yourself grace and turn what you are telling yourself around from “I can’t” or “I failed” to “what can I do differently to succeed” or “what can I learn from this?” Recognize what caused you to become derailed from your wellness routine so you can identify and be prepared when it starts to get in your way again. 

It’s time to write down what’s pulling you away or causing you to lose focus on your wellness routine. 

Spend your remaining time of this exercise, taking note of what’s pulling you away, and commit to change, or eliminate these things in 2021. 

That’s it! At the end of this reflection exercise, you will have a better idea of what you want in your holistic approach to wellness in 2021.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you’re changing in 2021. We’d love to hear how you’re making an impact on your wellness routine!

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