Women Who Thryv: Emily of Alpha Project

Meet this month's Women Who Thryv: Emily of Alpha Project

Emily Alpha Fit Dallas

Tell us about your business.

Alpha Project is a semi- private & private strength and conditioning gym. Our program is based off a total body training program that is offered 3 times per week. We are a small community of athletes that push each other to work harder under some of the most knowledgeable coaches in Dallas. The training we offer is top notch and is suited for all levels of athletes.

What has been your biggest challenges along the way?

My biggest challenges have been managing TIME! I know that sounds silly, but being a full time working momma with two toddlers is NO joke. I try to wear all the hats at once, being mommy, a business owner, a coach, a wife, a friend, etc. lots of things to juggle and I try to spread myself over them all. I have recently learned if I don’t prioritize me, then none of my hats fit right. Im still learning, but have come a long way! 

What Thryv product(s) do you use and when do you take your CBD?

For the past year I have added Thryv’s organic CBD gummies to my nightly regimen. They have personally helped me wind down after a long day of coaching and help me sleep! My other favorite product is the CBD salve. Recently I had ACL surgery on my right knee, and with all the aches and pains that come with recovery the CBD salve has been a huge help managing inflammation and dull pain. I cannot recommend these products enough. Whether you have a high energy or stressful job, running 24/7 after kiddos, or have some aches and pains these two products are for you!

What has your experience with CBD been like?

FANTASTIC! I was definitely skeptical when CBD was introduced to me, but after doing my own research and physically feeling better I am a huge fan.

How has CBD helped you?

Both products have helped me in different ways. The gummies help me with both situational anxiety I sometimes experience, and deeper, more rested sleep. The salve has reduced inflammation and dull aches/ pain in my knee.

Any advice you can share with fellow female entrepreneurs?

Don't stand in your own way. When you believe in something and are passionate about what you do, it will radiate off of you and impact those around you. Dream big & never settle!  

Emily Alpha Training

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