Women Who Thryv: Jordan Nix

Jordan Nix, owner of The Nix Company, is a 100% powerhouse. Her entrepreneurial mindset lead her to start her own marketing agency and she hasn't looked back since. As a single mom and only parent it was the best choice for her to control the future for her and her son. And man, has she done that!

We are excited to introduce you to Jordan in our Woman Who Thryv series this month and let her share her story and how she uses Thryv Organics CBD.

Jordan Nix holding Thryv Organics CBD with THC in Dallas

Tell us about your business.

I own a marketing agency, The Nix Company, located here in Dallas. We specialize in social media, brand marketing, and PR and get to work with amazing retail, CPG, and e-commerce clients such as Thryv Organics.

Tell us about yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.

Being a single mom and only parent, I developed a grit that pushed me into entrepreneurship. My goal has always been to work as hard as possible to afford my son the lifestyle he deserves. After my previous employer dissolved, I realized I could better control our future if I started my own business. I was able to bring on international candy and food brands through my network as my first clients and haven't looked back since!

What have been your biggest challenges along the way?

Entrepreneurship has such highs and lows that can come at you all in one day. It's a matter of not getting hung up on the lows and using any setbacks or roadblocks as motivation to become bigger and better while staying humble.

What Thryv product(s) do you use, and when do you take your CBD?

I cannot live without the 1350mg Full Spectrum CBD. I have never had trouble sleeping but have found that when I take CBD before bed, I wake up feeling more alert and don't hit the snooze button.

CBD with THC in Dallas. Shop Thryv Organics CBD

I recently brought my CBD to my naturopathic doctor. She tested me to see how I should use CBD using applied kinesiology. From there, I learned to also take CBD for better focus at work and brain fog. - Game changer! Even better, she confirmed that there are no heavy metals in Thryv Organics products which she has seen in other brands.

The gummies are also a top favorite. Both flavors are delicious and have been so helpful for extra focus at work in the afternoons.

Close up of Thryv Organics CBD Gummies in Dallas

What has your experience with CBD been like?

Thryv Organics CBD has not only helped me with better sleep and focus but has also helped relieve stress and anxiety in a healthy, natural way instead of having a glass of wine after a hard day, I have a dropper full of CBD. Because of Thryv, I am a better and more present parent and leader.

How has CBD helped you?

Better sleep. More focus. Stress relief. Less anxiety. Should I go on???

Any advice you can share with fellow female entrepreneurs?

Work for a greater purpose than your business itself, whether it's to leave a legacy for your family, inspiring and motivating the next generation, bettering the lives of the people around you, or anything else. Stay humble, work hard, don't forget to have fun in the process, and take time to sit in the sometimes messy moments of entrepreneurship.


Follow Jordan:
Instagram: @thenixcompany
Website: thenix.co

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