When is the Best Time to Take CBD?

Regardless of whether you are new to CBD or already include it in your daily routine, the best time to take CBD for optimized wellness can be overwhelming with all of the available product options and how to pair them to match your specific needs.

While we always recommend starting low and slow to find what’s ideal for your body, here are some guidelines to follow to help with your perfect CBD wellness plan that supports the demands of your day-to-day.


Adding CBD to your morning is a seamless addition to your already established morning rituals. It’s a great time to take CBD to kickstart your day but also ease the stiffness of your muscles and joints from your previous night’s sleep. You’ll feel the effects throughout the day when you take your CBD capsules in the morning.

Everyday Formula CBD Softgel Capsules

  • Jumpstarts your day
  • Eases morning stiffness
  • Prepares you to go head-on with the stressors of your day
Everyday CBD Oil Softgels - Thryv Organics

CBD Cream

Another way to tackle your morning allowing you to ease into the day with peace and clarity is with Thryv Organics’ CBD Cream. Our dual-action CBD Cream moisturizes as your skin absorbs the CBD.

  • Hydrates your skin
  • Reduces the appearance of puffiness and promotes firmness
  • Those lines....it helps with them, too.
CBD Oil Cream - Thryv Organics

Getting You Through the Day

Our crystal ball broke years ago, so we can’t see what our day has in store for us anymore. That’s why we love our CBD Gummies and convenient CBD Salve Stick that’s great for a purse or gym bag for that mid-day pick me up to tackle what life throws at us. We use these on-the-go products to help us restore our balance and free us from localized tension.

CBD Gummies

  • Quick mid-day pick-me-up
  • Promotes whole-body wellness
  • A tasty mid-day treat
CBD Oil Gummies - Thryv Organics

CBD Salve Stick

  • Apply post-workout to relieve exercise-induced muscle pain
  • Great for your temples and pressure points for relief
  • Conveniently small to fit in your purse, pocket, or gym bag
CBD Oil Salve Stick - Thryv Organics


You’ve collapsed into bed, but your brain is still going ninety miles a minute. Sound familiar? CBD can help you drift off to sleep and stay asleep, preparing you for the upcoming day with mental clarity and without the grogginess that over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids bring.

CBD Oil Drops

  • Use 30 minutes before bed to help settle your brain for the night
  • Promotes the onset of sleep
  • Be well-rested in the morning

Everyday Formula CBD Capsules or CBD with Melatonin Formula

  • Use 30 minutes before bed
  • Promotes staying asleep and can be used in combination with the CBD Oil Drops. (Try our Calm or Sleep Bundle and save 10%.)
  •  Helps you wake feeling refreshed
Melatonin CBD Oil Softgels - Thryv Organics

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all product, we offer in-store and virtual consultations to guide you to what works best for you. We hope this guide helps you navigate your days and nights using CBD as your partner to combat all that life throws at you.

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