Why Is Time Management Such A Struggle?

It’s 3pm. You’ve been working on the same small task that you started this morning, and your to-do list has been piling up all day. This is a stressful situation that most of us have experienced at some point – but some of us find ourselves in this situation every day. Despite our best efforts to manage our time and stay on task, we find it difficult to keep things under control. So what are we doing wrong? Why is our time slipping away from us? Let’s talk about the common reasons why you may be struggling with time management and what you can do to improve.

You’re stressed or burned out.

When we’re stressed and burned out, even the smallest tasks can feel impossible. The brain fog takes over, and we begin to avoid our to-do lists altogether. But that list grows longer and longer, and the cycle of stress continues. Stress and burnout can lead to both physical and emotional symptoms (i.e. exhaustion, weakened immune system, loss of motivation), and our time management skills go right out the window. But there is a way to fight back.

The Solution: Give yourself a break. Rest is essential to our mental and physical wellbeing, so take time to relax and enjoy life outside of work and your other responsibilities. You’ll feel much more refreshed and ready to tackle those pressing tasks afterward.

You’re not getting enough sleep.

Like we said before, restful sleep is one of the most important parts of our overall health & wellness. So it’s impossible for us to be productive when we’re struggling to stay awake and have no energy. Perhaps you’re staying up too late working on a project for work, or your kids are keeping you up all night. Or maybe you can’t seem to unwind from your day and get restful sleep. No matter the issue, you can improve your sleep quality and your time management with these easy steps.

The Solution: Take a look at your daily schedule and determine when your day should begin and end. We sometimes think that cutting back on sleep will help us get more done during the day, but it’s actually counterproductive. We need plenty of rest in order to be our best and most productive selves during the day. So listen to your body and create a regular sleep schedule for yourself. You can also create a nighttime routine to help you relax before bed, whether that’s by drinking a warm cup of tea, doing your skincare routine or taking a CBD sleep supplement each night.


You’re too giving with your time.

We, as women, are givers. We bend over backwards for the people in our lives - family, friends, work colleagues, etc. But oftentimes, we give too much and are left with no time for ourselves. It’s understandable why time management and balance can be so difficult to achieve. Our time is finite, and our days can be quickly taken by others if we’re not mindful of how we share our time.

The Solution: Putting yourself and your goals first is essential for time management. There’s nothing wrong with being generous with your time and energy, but remember that you are deserving of your own time as well. So whether you skip that family gathering to stay in by yourself or take a much-needed vacation from work, make time for yourself and for your mental health. Remember: self care is not selfish.


You’re human.

Life happens. Coworkers schedule last-minute meetings, kids get sick and need to be picked up from school, projects take over our day and throw off our entire schedule. With so many things vying for our time, it’s easy to mismanage our time. But that’s okay. It’s normal to procrastinate at times or avoid difficult tasks because we don’t have the capacity to deal with them at that moment. We’re only human, and none of us are perfect.

The Solution: Be kind to yourself, and show yourself grace when you make mistakes. Time management is a practice that takes time to master, and when you show yourself compassion and care, you’ll get one step closer to your goal.

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