5 Health-Conscious Influencers to Follow

This is your year. Your Dry January is off to a great start, you’ve started your gratitude journal and you’ve started to invest more in your self care routine. Now all you need is the motivation to keep up with your new health and wellness practices! Whether you want to eat healthier, exercise more or be more mindful this year, these five influencers will give you the inspiration you need to accomplish your goals.

Here are our top five favorite health-conscious influencers to motivate you throughout your health and wellness journey.



We could never say enough good things about Alex Snodgrass! She creates simple, healthy recipes that are still incredibly delicious and exciting. Alex shows us that eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring; you can still create fun and fulfilling meals without sacrificing your health goals. Her cookbooks include recipes that cater to different food preferences, such as Whole 30, gluten-free, meatless, paleo and more.


If you are interested in holistic wellness and mindful living, you need to follow Chelsea Clark. Chelsea shares tips and advice for all aspects of a health conscious life – including healthy meal ideas, clean beauty routines, self care practices and so much more. Chelsea reminds us that living a healthy lifestyle means finding ways to nourish both our bodies and our souls.



If you’re a parent who is looking to live a healthier lifestyle, you definitely need to follow Mada Leigh. Mada discovered the power of non-toxic, holistic living after struggling with skin issues, hormonal imbalances and digestive problems. We love how open and honest she is about her health & wellness journey – from exercise to healthy eating to motherhood and more. Mada shows us that through small changes in your lifestyle, you can truly thrive in your wellness journey.



Jules is a wellness writer, certified yoga & mindfulness teacher and one of our favorite self care content creators. Her mission is to help others live a more intentional lifestyle and make small shifts in your daily life that will have maximum impact on your mental and physical health. We love Jules’ self care tips and her emphasis on mindfulness and embracing imperfection.




Jeanette might be well known for her fun approach to food, but we are also big fans of her honest approach to healthy living and motherhood. She is dedicated to living a clean, toxin-free lifestyle but also isn’t afraid to eat a donut or two after an intense workout. Jeanette reminds us that health & wellness is all about balance and moderation. Being health conscious can be fun when we have the right attitude.

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